Simple Solutions For Complicated Problems

We create a pathway for our clients which includes Law Firms, Claims Companies, Litigation Funders and Claimants direct.
Our aim is to bring together the various expertise necessary in Financial Litigation and unify the process to a satisfactory conclusion for the lay client.

What We Do

Plevin / Undisclosed Commission

The PPI deadline has passed, but you may be eligible to make a claim under Plevin.

Mis-sold Mortgages

Too many of us have been mis-sold the biggest financial commitment of our lives.

Pensions / Investments

Any financial product reliant on Advice is open to abuse. It seems pensions are no different.

About Us

We’re a law firm that specialises in financial litigation. Our Board of Directors have spent the last 20 years working closely with other law firms, Insolvency Practices and financial services providers to assist them in securing justice for their clients on numerous and varied financial litigation matters.
In 2019, the Directors came together to launch Fuse Legal. A culmination of the hard work that had gone before it, Fuse Legal fills a void that existed in the legal sector and enables our panel of law firms to reach, support and gain positive outcomes for even more people.