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Meet the Team: Lewis Edwards – Pre-litigation Executive

How have you found your first 6 months here at Fuse? 

As this was my first job following university, I found legal office experience to be very different to what I expected. Unlike traditional law firms, Fuse has a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere that was very welcoming and instantly made me feel comfortable.

I moved from Grantham to Lancaster for the role after university. Our head of recruitment Paul was very accommodating in allowing me to fit my starting date around my moving and assisting me with any help I needed.

How have you found your role as a Pre-litigation Executive?

At first, the role seemed quite hectic. We deal with the initial DSAR assessments, Letters of Claim and are the first point of contact for our clients. I feel it’s a great place to start as you are given a lot of responsibility and I have learnt so much through already through the experience. 

Fuse have endless opportunity in terms of further career development and you discover this early on as a core element of the company vision is business progression and growth. 

What has been your biggest achievement and your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest achievement has been my transition from being fresh out of university to a legal professional.

My biggest challenge is the same my biggest achievement: it was a challenge to adapt, but I think I have taken really well to the different roles and responsibilities whilst being supported by my team.

Top 3 Favourite Things About Working at Fuse:

  1. The colleagues: it always helps to enjoy where you work and get along with your colleagues, the team I work with are always supportive of each other and it’s a great working environment.
  1. The work is always interesting and keeps us busy, we have a range of pre-litigation tasks and no two- days are ever the same.
  1. Although we are often busy, we also enjoy staff down-time for our hard work, as it can get quite hectic – like having Fizz Fridays, where we all enjoy a break and a drink together at the end of the day.

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