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New Starter Perspective: Sameenah Begh

How have you found your first few weeks here at Fuse?

I have really enjoyed the first few weeks settling in, it didn’t take long to bond with other colleagues and make friends. I have enjoyed getting stuck into the work and always having something to do or having something new to learn. 

What have you found the most enjoyable?

I enjoy the work environment and the people who work with me. It is not how I imagined a law firm to be, it’s a very light and comfortable environment. 

There is a good balance of work and being social with everyone. Everyone is really helpful and will go out of their way to help you. This makes the work more enjoyable to do too!

What has been your biggest learning experience so far?

The biggest learning experience was how quickly you have to adapt at the job as things change all the time. I was surprised at how quickly I got into the work and how quickly I was able to pick up new things as I was learning as I went along. I was able to pick things up rather quickly there is a good support system in my team. Everyone is willing to take time out to help. 

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