Plevin Claims

The PPI deadline has passed, but you may be eligible to make a claim under Plevin.
Take Susan Plevin for example. What initially began as a claim for mis-sold PPI developed into a landmark court case involving undisclosed commissions and what constitutes an Unfair Relationship.
She discovered that over 70% of her PPI premium was taken as commission, and ultimately it was deemed that the creditors failure to disclose this excessive percentage created an unfair contractual relationship. This opened the door for similar cases to be presented after the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Mrs. Plevin, resulting in her receiving a significant amount of compensation.
Many more people are able to make a claim under Plevin, but it’s unlikely they’re aware of it.
Even if your original PPI complaint was rejected, you may still be eligible to make a Plevin claim. Let Fuse Legal investigate the matter on your behalf.
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Services to Insolvency Practitioners

In cases of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) and Bankruptcy, an Insolvency Practitioner has an obligation to maximise the return to creditors through the realisation of certain assets.  But what happens if they don’t actually know that those assets exist?

IP MAX is a bespoke service offered to Insolvency Practitioners to assist them in meeting their obligations in maximising realisations through investigating, and where applicable, pursuing claims against the mis-selling of financial products. Our comprehensive investigation process can identify potential claims that even the debtor did not know existed!
Any compensation arising from such claims are deemed assets of the Insolvency and our commitment is to maximise what we recover, issuing proceedings, instructing barristers and never hesitating to use litigation as often as required to obtain redress.
If you are an Insolvency Practitioner and would like to utilise IP MAX to identify assets within an IVA or bankruptcy…
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